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About Us


Grew up in a small village in Estonia, with a big and loving family. Mom, dad and 5 kids in a one bedroom house… so you do the math…
With an alcoholic father and mom who made minimum wage the early years definately were not easy, but the whole family, especialy mom gave him a lot more than financial security. They had a lot of belief in him just because of good grades in school, which obviously was not „the thing“. But that made him pursue the life of greatness to give back as a small token to the family.
While in high school he got a job at construction where eventually he met Karl-Martin, but both went their separate ways for a while. As a Business Arrangement student he got an offer to become a real estate agent from where pretty soon he re-trained himself and went to one of the biggest and well equipped shooting ranges in Europe, where he is a branch manager today as well at the age of 24.
Within a year attended at many international training events and domestic trainings. Stepped up as a public speaker and a coach in the oranization with Karl-Martin running an international travel business.

Email: gert/at/nothing2great.com

Mobile: +372 5622 9445



Grew up in an average family, having a nice apartment in the center city, not much wealth but making it through. He didn’t have everything he wanted but had as much as needed. His mother has always been a great “start-upper” she did so much and that gave Karl-Martin also the courage to go after what he wanted. His father on the other hand was the one who not to become, in the early days he bullied me a lot. But “thanks” to this combination it has driven him towards hes goals to start whatever he wanted and not to turn into a person like his father.
In school he wasn’t the sharp pencil, more like a “problem”. He had a hard time being in the school bench because he couldn’t stand being in one place too long, so problems with focusing, learning etc. He was more like a C or D student, person who wanted to have fun and do crazy stuff. In vocational education school he studied to become a “Car Technician”, where he soon realized it was not him. Right after quiting school he went to work into McDonalds for one and a half year, meanwhile also working at construction where he met Gert. After work most likely he went out to drink and party with hes so called friends and that all most every day. Thanks to that he had 0 social-credit to start any business. After one and a half year of being overworked and underpayed he said to himself: “Whatever it takes, I have to fing another path!” Starting to be more and more open-minded he got involved in an opportunity which changed hes life. From that day he started his own business and working on personal development.
Now in 3 year period he has traveled over 30 times 16 different countries. Having a lot of fun and also helping his friends to earn and travel more.
Today he has his own real-estate profile, being a creditor, had hes own car rental. Been pitched multiple times to become a sales manager in different companies. Having an organization over 120 people and earning more in two months than average people make in a year. Stepped up as a public speaker, and decided to pursuit the lifelong path of personal development.

Email: karl-martin/at/nothing2great.com

Mobile: +372 5300 9913