How to become part of the ET2 team

Our vision is to raise the good name of ET higher than it was on it’s prime years back in 2005-2006. When players competed in this game on the biggest LAN and e-Sports Events all over the Globe. To bring together over 10 000 LAN spectators to see high level competitive gameplay. And supporting the long living community with the necessary updates and fixes to keep the game in it’s glory.

Here below is what we are looking for right now. If you didn’t seem to fit into any of these categories but still think you can help us, feel free to still reach out to us and introduce your skillset and abilities. Please send your freely formed application to

Animation Specialist

Can create animations and work on existing skeletal meshes and animations. Important to have .fbx export capabilities. Would be an advantage if you have some experience in UE4 (animation blendspaces, blueprints and animation montages)

Network Specialist

Has more in depth knowledge about server setups in UE4 and preferably also Steam. Can work on UE4 BluePrints, C++ or both to fine tune the existing code. Ability to create teams and character selection menu would be a good advantage.

Character Movement Specialist

Has good knowledge about BluePrints and C++. Main task to code Quake movement from C# to C++/BP. Would be advantage if has TrickJumping ability to test and fine tune the code.

Character Inventory Specialist

Will be working on all the guns in the game and on their features. Able to divide these assets between different characters. Ability to create teams and character selection menu would be a good advantage.

Mod Specialist

Works on creating different mods for the game: competitive, public, open, TJ etc.

Level Design Artist

Remakes maps and models from scratch, has general Blueprint knowledge which would be appreciated for material editing and “mapscript” or in UE4 the Level Blueprint.

Head Developer

A very experienced person in UE4, has some building ability and knowledge on all these fore mentioned fields. Is a great LEADER and a TEAMPLAYER, has great communication skills. Works good under pressure, open mind and ability to think independently.