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The BreakThrough

The BreakThrough

Break Through Featuring Gert Suik and Karl-Martin Kruse

Powerful stories from Global Authorities that are Guaranteed to equip anyone for Real Life Breakthrough.

A breakthrough often is described as an overnight success— but that’s not really true. Overnight success is another term that’s often used incorrectly, because most people who are tagged as overnight successes began their climb up the ladder years or even decades earlier. We define our breakthrough moments as the decisions we make. Yes, it’s that easy: The moment you decide what you’re going to do with your life, that you’re going to pursue it no matter what, that is your breakthrough. You might think you’ve already had your breakthrough moment, but have you? Have you really, really committed to it? If not, then we hope you will after you’ve read our book.

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Nik Halik

Les Brown

Johnny Wimbrey

Gert Suik

Karl-Martin Kruse

and other Leading Authorities